Thursday, November 12, 2015

Classic blackout ◾️◼️♣️♠️

Classic blackout ◾️◼️♣️♠️

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Beyonce Inspired Look..

Wave your hands side to side, put them in the air for the Flawless Queen herself Beyonce! Photo rocking this casual plaid cape and denim on denim look. I recreated the look with my favorite app Polyvore.. Enjoy.. 

Beyonce Inspired Look

UNIF red flannel jacket


Ripped skinny jeans
$36 -

Label Lab black oversized beanie
$14 -

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kelsey's Favorite Apps!

No. I am not talking about Angry Birds or Candy Crush! Haha. I am sharing my favorite Fashion/ Style apps this is where I draw most of my inspiration for my blog post and everyday style. It is also where I can search and find the latest trends and my obsessions of the week, and find the best websites to shop from.

Well I wanted to share  my top favorite ( that I use almost everyday)and are helpful.

Enjoy! Kelsey! =) 

  • Pinterest

Image Provided by Pinterest
Pinterest has to be my absolute favorite for everything not just Fashion, but Food, Home Decor, Quotes EVERYTHING! Haha I use Pinterest if I have a pair of shoes I want to know or draw inspiration to pair them with the right outfit, or Fall, Spring/Summer Fashion. I recently started a water detox and I looked up the best water detox ingredients all from Pinterest. It is so helpful. Its easy to sign up and create your own profile and get started on creating boards. (Where you pin pictures, ideas too) 
  • Polyvore 
I have used Poyvore plenty of times on my blog. That's where I recreate current Obsessions, OOTD, it's basically my style spread sheet, access to any clothing item, accessories, shoes, handbags everything, style and create the outfit all on your own and they also provide links to all the items you choose. 
  • fashiongram

I am new to fashiongram, I just discovered it 2 days ago.  I heard about it on Rich Kids of Beverly  Hills (no  I don't really watch that show, just saw it that one day after the Kardashians)is basically Instagram for Fashion. You can find all the styles and outfits from Instagram on this app, it pulls the cost of the item and where to find. It is very helpful, because there alot of outfits and items posted on Instagram and you really don't know where to find them, because there are re posted from another page. It's pretty new and you don't need an account, it is also only available on iPhone and Android apps stores. 
  • The Time Collection ( New York Times)

Image Provided The Time Collection (New York Times)
The collection of the New York Times, this app is really useful and 
helpful when Fashion week starts, they have images from the runway shows of the top Designer's, from their Spring & Fall 2014 collection. Their is also articles on different trends and fashion from around the world. I draw so many ideas and inspiration from this app. 
  • Styletag
Image Styletag App
Styletag is a fairly new app, I found this on Instagram. It is bascially an app where you can search different style or the tag. You can either search for a brand or just an item. There is also Top people who post their outfits and style with certain brands. I haven't used Styletag that much but it is very helpful.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Obsession of The Week!!

  • Hello Fashion stylists, divas, bloggers, readers or  stylish people in general!! Lol I am back with a new obsession of the week. Yes I know I may have missed some weeks, but hey I'm a college student and final exams have started. =( .... However the obsession doesn't stop there. Haha! I recently was on Instagram (99.99% of all my obsession, inspirations, creative outlooks come from Instagram) I follow a page called OOTN Magazine where they post tons of out-of-the day/night pictures, feature designers,celebrities anything fashion. Well they posted a picture of TULLE skirt. For anyone who isn't quite sure what that is it's almost like a tutu type of skirt. OBSESSED with this look.(And it's white- yes I've been obsessed with white/cream for some reason) It's so cute and trendy, edgy and would look great for Spring/Summer 2014. It creates that Disney, ballerina type look with an edgy, glamorous, modern day twist with it.Check it out and if you don't follow them on Instagram you need to start NOW! Enjoy!  
 Image provided by OOTN Magazine.

Image provided by Polyvore
Urban Renewal Tulle Midi Skirt (Urban Outfitters $50)
Image Provided By Polyvore
Free People Misile about a Girl Tutu Mini (Free People $50)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Obsessed Look Of The Week!

You know when you have a moment  you see something that captures your attention and you just cant it out of your mind, whether a meal on TV you can't stop thinking about or that song the radio plays everyday. Haha well I'm having one of those moments, I'm obsessed ( I guess we could use that word, since I have not gotten this look out my head) with the Kardashians for one. Haha Don't judge me! Put Khloe & Kim Kardashian have both been seen rocking the White Body-con skirt, White Crop Top & the leather heels. I'm OBSESSED! with this look. Even though to some it's basic, that's makes me love it more. For women we love to show off curves in a good way and this look creates the perfect curvaceous look and still remains classy, and simple! Pair it with a bunch of gold & rose gold accessories it's perfect for a night out or day time look! I have recreated this look for us girls on a budget off Polyvore!! Enjoy and don't be surprise if my next OOTD is this look! =) 

Kardashian Inspired Look

  • Jane Norman High Neck Crop Top $8.21
  • Zara Double- Breasted Coat $100
  • ASOS Skirt with Split $52 
  • ALDO Shoes $80
  • Macy Earrings $26
  • ALDO Divoka Bracelet $15
TOTAL : $280

Images provided by Instagram ( Khole & Kim Account)